Tuesday, February 27, 2007


There has been some speculation on the internet about the "Goat" animated character. He is indeed a real person. The characters from Downtown, Megas XLR and Metalocalypse are all the same Goat. The real Goat did his own voice for Downtown and Megas. His voice was done by James Hetfield of Metallica for Metalocalypse. In addition to being forced into doing cartoon voices, he is a tattoo artist located in Jersey City. You can check out his personal web site by clicking on his link in the "friends and artists" section of this blog.


Allistair said...

I never even heard of Megas XLR, but I am really curious now. How is it affiliated with the Downtown and Deathklok teams and is it in the same vein?

chris p said...

It's about a gearhead from Jersey City who finds a giant robot from the future in a junkyard and fixes it up to run on car parts and video game controllers. He uses the robot to smash crap with his best friend until aliens invade and he has to use his video game, driving and wrestling skills to save the world.

You can check it out on You Tube:

Mike said...

Ahh man, I find it funny as hell you did Megas XLR. I used to watch that show. Rough Cartoon Network up, it was a good show. I need re-runs! :P

Shaun said...

I'm not too fond of Megas XLR, and I don't even think it ever aired in the UK anyway, I just saw some stuff on the internet while back. The advert for the toys on the Downtown DVD is freakin' hilarious though, masturbation- always a winner.

Goat rocks btw, what did he say about Hetfield doing his voice in Metaloc...? Still can't remember how to spell it.

Harlow said...

I always laffed my arse off everytime Goat came on, I peed myself with the whole Goat as Pan on the Harley bit. This was the only show I would skip Goth night for, thanks from the bottom of my heart, for creating one of the greatest cartoons ever. All my friends and I would laugh at how true to life it was from me and my girlfriend doing Chakaesque things like mooning passengers on the U train to the whole playing ants in your pants at 4 am wrecked off our trees. Brilliant!!!!

rayss said...

did you (chris p) have any involvment with megas xlr? i remember watching it sometimes, i like it and was happy to see goat. its totally different from downtown(which i love beyond words) so i am still confused how goat is in this other cartoon.
ok, thanks for the great blog.