Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"I'm Animerican" opening party pics

Here's a link to some picture's from the "I'm ANIMErican " group show:

link to pictures on Wild Boar site

Here's Eric staring at my head, hat and/or beard. My paintings hang on the wall above us.

A good action photo utilizing Jon Schnepp and Eric's paintings. I chose the Power Cosmic. I am a herald of Galactus.

Bob Okazaki took this picture. He is also in this picture - along with myself, Shannon and Eric.

We had to compose a paragraph describing our art in the show. This is the one for my paintings:

What is it!?! A giant naked lady. Oh yeah. She is eating the monster. He like a Kaiju monster. I love Godzilla style monsters = awesome. I love King Kong Escapes the most. I saw Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 16mm print projected at the public library when I was a tiny child. I also love a naked lady. Especially she is a giant. Giant = better. A giant monster eats the lady too. There are two: 1) Giant lady eats smaller monster in Tokyo. 2) Giant monster eats smaller lady in San Francisco. Both cultures, equal measures. They call it "fusion." I can dig it. I'm ANIMERICAN.

I love you,
Chris P

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Skillcrane said...

Hey Chris, love the pieces you painted, especially the Captain Caveman & Giant Lady Eats Smaller Monster In Tokyo/Giant Monster Eats Smaller Lady In San Francisco. If they are still available, I'd like to discuss. What's the best e-mail address for you?
- Josh