Sunday, February 13, 2011

Painting for this year's GAG ME WITHN A TOON

It's acrylic on wood with Sharpie. It's called "Interjections!" based on the School House Rock short of the same name.

The show is up at Meltdown through the month I think. If you're in LA, check it out. If not, there's the internet


Unknown said...

Amazing. I'm just NOW geeking out on seeing Shannon and Eric do their paintings for the previous year.

BTW. Very cool! I play the Schoolhouse rock dvd for the youngsters till it broke.

It been too long. All the best to the crew.

rico.soto said...

Hey this is off-topic but ever heard of a MTV special called "THE BIG M", where it shows nothing but MTV bumpers? I have it on tape after all these years, is it that rare?