Monday, April 30, 2012

Beavis and Butt-Head Hallucination sequence

When I was pretty much right out of school in the mid-nineties, I was lucky enough to direct a sequence in Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. I had been working on the series (and the movie) as a storyboard artist for the past year or so and had just wrapped up. All the other sequences were being handled by directors from the show and Yvette Kaplan, the animation director, needed someone to handle the Hallucination sequence. Since I had done some "weirdo shit" that had caught the eye of Yvette and Mike Judge, I was chosen for the gig. Recently I found an early, uncut version of this sequence with quite a bit more footage than made it into the film. I also found a very early animatic. I've posted both videos here. They are both heavily influenced by Big Daddy Roth, an idol of my youth. I was incredibly influenced by custom car culture. You can see this in this hallucination sequence, as well as in my new animated series Motorcity (which you can check out on Disney XD, Mondays at 9pm.) Check out the first episode on iTunes. Here's the early, uncut version of the hallucination sequence: And here's the very early animatic: And here's a picture of me and Mike Judge after 4 wheeling in the swamps of Georgia with Zac Brown last week:
And lastly, Here's a promo for Motorcity:


:: smo :: said...

Dude...THIS RULES! I'd heard you directed this sequence and it was one of those things early on that made me really feel like I was in the right spot! if you want to animate a short that looks like this crazy ed roth stuff again definitely let me know!

T. Roger Thomas said...

I like the look of Motorcity. Now I just need someone to let me know where I can find Disney XD.

Ian Tolmay said...

I used to blast this sequence when I was working my teenage job in retail. Thanks for posting man.